CFG is a global leader in developing and launching some of the world's best known celebrity brands.

CFG has over 75 combined years of experience in Fashion, Retail and Consumer Goods. Through the establishment of exclusive product offerings, we help celebrities, influencers, and athletes develop, enhance and expand their brand image and further connect to their fans worldwide. From startup to exit, we focus on value creation. 


• We are a complete management solution, either as all or part of your operating needs

• All of our partners are experienced best in class entrepreneurs and operators

• Celebrity Fashion Group aligns our economic interest with your success

• From concept to market, our team guides our clients in their decision making process across the entire product lifecycle 

• Our unparalleled passion for product, continually wins the hearts of consumers and generates tremendous success at retail

• We understand how to work with icons: translation - we not only know what you should do, but also what icons should not 

• We understand supercharging fashion & CPG with celebrity activation and entertainment momentum


• Iconic brand partners 

• Celebrities, athletes, and influencers with a concept and a business passion

• Retailers and manufacturers looking to develop exclusive branded products 


CFG is a global leader and is highly sought after for our success at wholesale, retail, and as a turnkey solution for celebrities, influencers, athletes, and brands. CFG’s expertise spans across the consumer landscape.


We believe all consumer products are a form of lifestyle. If you wear it, eat it, drink it or use it in today’s social media driven world, you are making a personal lifestyle and fashion statement.


Social media is driving branding. Company value is a derivative of brand value. We manage, create and grow value. 


CFG deals have successfully delivered over 4 billion dollars in retail sales.


Our global distributor partnerships provides access to North America, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Latin America. 




CFG’s best-in-class network of operating partners can drive value across sectors, services and geographies.


We are comprised of talented, internationally renowned fashion, beauty, consumer, technology & retail industry experts.

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